About us

Hi there, thank you for having a look at our blog, we hope you enjoy it. We are Liz and Leon, The Salty Beachbums. It all started with a joke that we should quit our 9-5 jobs and travel the world. We could only dream of this, so who would have thought that a year later we followed our hearts and made it a reality!

We are always searching for unspoiled tropical beach destinations, accommodations and tours. Our goal is to share travel tips and personal experiences to inspire and motivate other people to explore our beautiful world.

What kind of travelers are we?
We are addicted to beautiful beaches and are most happy when we are surrounded by nature. We care for the environment, love all sorts of animals and like adventure, our travels are never boring! Also important: we travel on a budget, we are real and authentic as all our travel blogs are about our own experiences, the good and the bad.

Why should you read our travel blogs?
We make it easy for you to find your perfect paradise! Just let us do all the hours of research, explore places, test the beaches and talk with local people so we can recommend unique experiences. We will give you every detail of our travels, from complete travel itineraries till how to get your own fresh coconuts.

leon van rijn


Age: 28
Coconutcatcher, bbqmaster, aquaman 
Favorite countries: Indonesia & Egypt

Hi, I’m Leon, I have a good eye for detail and try to make awesome travel video’s. In my home country The Netherlands I was always restless and wanted to travel the world but did not know where to start. I ended up going to India for two months of volunteering and this was such an eye-opening experience. That same year I met Liz and since then we traveled all over the world from Mexico till Egypt.

I’m that guy that always talks with everyone, being social and friendly comes naturally to me. This ends up in being invited for diner, cool activities and friends for life.   


Age: 31
Smoothiebowllover, sunworshipper, animalwhisperer
Favorite countries: Australia & Cook Islands

Hi, I’m Liz, the planner of all our travels. My passion for traveling started when I was 18 years old and it was soon that I decided to go for Australia for a year. After that I was addicted and many amazing places followed. 

I need my toes in the sand and feel like a mermaid when I’m in the water. With my photo’s I will take you up in the air, under the water and everywhere in between. I’m curious, adventurous, creative and up for new challenges. 

salty beachbums

The Salty Beachbums

Discover the most beautiful beaches, hidden coves and tropical paradise islands with us. We make it easy for you: we provide all information that you need to find your perfect paradise.