Baaaaaaahh Sowhenyaaaaahhhh! When thinking of Africa this is the first thing that comes to our minds (intro of The Lion King). The savannah plains and all the animals in it makes Africa for a lot of people a must-visit destination.  

This huge continent is famous for it’s overwhelming culture, nature and wildlife. Have you ever been on a safari? Africa is the place to be. Because most countries in Africa are third world countries, and therefor very poor and undeveloped, there is still a lot to explore. We didn’t travel around in Africa a lot but are definitely planning to visit the Seychelles and Namibia in the near future. 

We did travel to Tunesia, but our favorite country in Africa is Egypt! Normally we don’t travel to the same country a second time but for Egypt we made an exception. We have been there four times now, mainly for relaxing, snorkeling and diving. It’s cheap, the underwater world is stunning and the weather is always sunny. If you like to do more then relaxing and diving, there are tours to huge temple complexes, pyramides or bedouïn villages.    



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