We have to admit, Asia is probably one of our favorite continents to travel too. Why? It has ancient cultures, delicious food, colorful people and of course some of the best beaches in the whole world. 

Did you know Asia is subdivided in 48 countries? That’s a lot to discover! It’s the biggest continent as well.  Till so far, we have been only to 9 countries but so eager to visit more.  Bangkok is the most visited city of Asia and you have probably been here already. Although there are a lot of busy places throughout Asia, some are still unexplored. In the jungle of Papua, Indonesia there are living tribes that have almost no contact with the outer world.

One of the biggest problems that Asia faces is the deforestation. Forests makes place for palm oil plantations and wildlife like Orangutans are declining fast. They can only been seen in the wild in Sumatra and Borneo, go see them before it’s too late. 

There is so much to see, experience and taste in Asia that even a year would not be enough. Most people only have a few weeks to travel so we will share all the highlights from the countries we visited.  


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