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Hi there, we are Liz and Leon, The Salty Beachbums. It all started with a joke that we should quit our 9-5 jobs and travel the world. We could only dream of this, so who would have thought that a year later we followed our hearts and made our dreams a reality! 

We are always searching for unspoiled, unique tropical destinations, accommodations and tours. Our aim is to share travel tips and personal experiences to inspire and motivate other people to explore our beautiful world.

We have active followers who are eager to explore new destinations, hotels and tours we recommend. We use professional equipment (SLR, Gopro, drone & underwatercamera) to get creative and unique content. We are:

*Passionate in what we do                      
*Well-travelled, over 30 countries                      
*Happy with a can-do attitude 

Why choose us?​

Looking for a way to promote your brand, product or country to other travelers? We can offer that through our Instagram and website. 

QUALITY – We create quality content with professional writing and photography and a unique personal touch to share on our blog and Instagram account.

ORGANIC AUDIENCE – Our audience is grown organically and is inspired by our adventures and experiences. They follow us on our path as a travel couple to the prettiest tropical places on the planet.

EXPERIENCE – We have traveled over 30 countries all over the world and plan and organize everything ourselves. This has given us a lot of knowledge and skills which we use daily. 

Our services​

*Advertising/sponsored post
*Sponsorship Brand ambassadorship
*InterviewsPress/blog trips
*Custom content creation
*Reviews on hotels/tours
*Freelance/paid travel writing

Our Audience

Our readers and followers consists mainly of young men and women who love to travel. 
They are between the age of 18 and 35 years.  

Stats & Demographics 
Instagram: 11.000+ followers @thesaltybeachbums 

Our followers are predominantly based in: 
Brazil, USA, The Netherlands, UK & India. 
64% women 
36% men  

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The Salty Beachbums

Discover the most beautiful beaches, hidden coves and tropical paradise islands with us. We make it easy for you: we provide all information that you need to find your perfect paradise.